Utilities And Other Oddities.

Here is a list of the tools that I’m using:

I use both a Laptop and a Desktop. I find it easier to use my Wacom tablet and write with the Laptop. However due to computing constraints my Desktop is more suited to compiling and rendering objects and materials, and also running the engine!


Aseprite [2D image manipulation]
Blender [3D image manipulation]
[Laptop … … manipulation]
[Desktop Audio Workstation]
Inkscape [Vector graphics tool]
Krita [2D image tool]
Libre Office [Data processing suite]
Magicavoxel [3D “voxel” imaging.]
Pro Motion NG [2D image tool]
Unreal Engine 4 [Integrated Development Environment and game engine]
Windows 10 x86_64
[Desktop OS]


AMD FX-9370 [CPU]
Cheap-ass guitars [Bass and *cough* a few *cough* six-strings (acoustic and two E.)]
GeForce 1050ti [Graphics card]
M-Audio Oxygen-8 [MIDI Controller]
Wacom Intuous Tablet [Graphics Pen and Tablet combo]
Senheiser HD 215 [Headphones]

Now with all these ingredients in my magical Juju bag I’ll give it a shake and a tumble, and … …